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The Reception Dress – Reasons You Should Consider Getting One

If you’re already in the process of shopping for your wedding dress, you might know what a fun, but exhausting, process it can be with all of the styles, materials, silhouettes, colors and even brands to choose from. Imagine going through the process twice! Many brides are now opting to do this, buying separate wedding dresses for their ceremony and reception. And while the trend has recently reemerged, it’s definitely not new!

Th trend can be traced back to the 1930s, where brides would change into a “Going Away Dress” right before their guests gave them their send off for their honeymoon. This quickly evolved into the concept of the “Cake Cutting Dress” which brides would wear, not surprisingly, while they cut their cake and for the rest of the evening. These dresses were usually shorter, cheaper and less elaborate than their ceremony dresses, which helped them to dance the night away in comfort! Brides today are taking the “Cake Cutting Dress” one step further by premiering new dresses and beauty looks for the entirety of their reception festivities, creating two distinct looks for their ceremony and reception.

While the idea of buying two different dresses for one wedding might seem a little over-the-top, here are some highly-compelling reasons for why you might want to consider it!

  1. You Can’t Decide on One Wedding Dress

    Look, it happens! Sometimes you fall in love with two dresses and just can’t decide which one you would like to wear on your big day. After all, your wedding is supposed to be one of the best days of your life, so choosing the perfect wedding dress to wear during these life-defining moments can seem really daunting! Some brides that experience this issue have turned to the two dress trend as the solution- they wear one dress during the ceremony and the next dress during the reception!

    Photos: Left- Amsale. Right- Tadashi Shoji.

  2. Wow Everyone- Again

    The moment that the bride arrives at the ceremony space and walks down the aisle in her wedding dress is one of the most magical, special moments of the event. Everyone stands and takes in the sight of the bride in her dream dress on her dream day, which often leads to plenty of teary-eyed smiles! With a second dress for the reception, you can wow everyone again, debuting an entirely new look for your first dance and the rest of the night!

  3. Keep Your Dress Clean & Pristine

    Wedding receptions usually feature a ton of fun things like drinking, eating delicious foods and desserts, and plenty of dancing- all of which can put your wedding dress at risk of getting torn or stained. With a second wedding dress, which is usually shorter, simpler, and more affordable than the ceremony dress, you could put your mind at ease and enjoy yourself to the fullest! It’s your night, so why shouldn’t you?

  4. Get Down on the Dancefloor

    Because weddings are such a momentous occasion, wedding dresses are usually extremely extravagant with all kinds of detailed embellishments, heavy skirts, and sometimes-constricting silhouettes that would make maneuvering your reception (and all that dancing) more difficult. Some brides have turned to the second dress to save themselves from this strife. Many opt for shorter dresses, or sleek, light dresses that would allow them to move freely and dance the night away!

    Photos: Left- Viktor & Rolf. Right- Jenny Packham.

  5. Add Some Variety to Your Wedding Photos

    Wedding photos are so important because you’ll be looking at them for the rest of your life, meaning you’re going to be taking A LOT of them at different times with all different kinds of people.Having only one dress throughout all of the photos could get dull, which is why some brides have decided to get a second dress! With your second wedding dress, you’ll have a whole new look to photograph, which will add more variety to your wedding album!

  6. Better Express Your Personal Style

    If you have a very particular personal style, but still want to wear a more traditional wedding dress, having a second wedding dress might be the perfect solution to help you express yourself the most on your wedding day! Where your traditional ceremony dress follows all of the classic wedding dress conventions with lace, a train, and other embellishments, the dress you wear to your reception can be as trendy, unique and out there as you want, making your wedding day even more special!

    Photos: Left- Amsale. Right- Reem Acra.

Have we convinced you to try the second wedding dress? We hope so! If you’re interested in the two dress trend, but are afraid of having to pay for two completely separate wedding dresses, some brides have turned to the convertible wedding dress as a clever alternative to this trend. These dresses include removable sleeves, trains, and even ballgown skirts so that you can simplify your wedding look and make yourself more comfortable at your reception!

If you’re still searching for your dream wedding dress and would like to view our extensive collection of gorgeous wedding dresses, visit the Anne’s Bridals website! You can also visit us in-store at our location in West Paducah, Kentucky. We would love to help you find the wedding dress that’s perfect for you and your big day!

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